Gigi Hadid Is Expensive Brunette No More

The model has returned to blonde once again — and it's brighter than ever. 
US model Gigi Hadid presents a creation for Versace's Women's SpringSummer 2022 collection during the Fashion Week in...
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You're probably sick of hearing about all the celebrities who've traded in their perpetually blonde hair colors for the "expensive brunette" trend as of late — a list that includes Hailey Bieber, Karlie Kloss, Florence Pugh, and many others. Gigi Hadid was one of the first to join that list, and now she has become one of the first to leave it. The model just returned to a buttery shade of bright blonde, as revealed by fashion stylist Elizabeth Sulcer in an Instagram carousel posted on January 26.

In the selection of photos, Hadid wears a pastel pink suit with a blank tank top, and her long blonde waves fall all the way down to her waist (no doubt with some help from top-notch hair extensions). Based on Sulcer's tags in the caption, the look appears to have been done for a shoot with Maybelline New York, for which Hadid has been a longtime spokesperson. Panos Papandrianos is credited as the hairstylist behind the look in the caption of Sulcer's slideshow, but it's unclear if he is also responsible for this drastic hair color transformation.

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How Hadid went from dark brown to such a bright shade of blonde, seemingly overnight, all while keeping her hair health intact is beyond us. Surely, whoever helped her achieve the 180 used a ton of Olaplex, otherwise, those waves would be looking a little more crunchy than beachy. To whoever we have to thank for this stunning color: well done, my friend. Brunette Gigi has officially left the building. 

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