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What February's Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Major conversations are going down on Valentine's Day, Sag. But can you manage to listen to the other person in the room?
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Happy February, Sagittarius, and congrats on surviving the first month of 2022. During January, a full moon in caring Cancer asked you to lower emotional walls and get real about your needs. This theme of self-honesty continues on the first day of the month, Tuesday, February 1. This date marks a new moon in intelligent Aquarius, which helps you think about your communication methods. You're great at compartmentalizing, but beware of telling the same lies for so long that you start to believe them yourself. 

For instance, if you're in a dead-end relationship, it's time to grab your bow and arrow, dear archer, and get out of there. Conversely, if you tell the world that you don't want to date, but feel lonely each night, perhaps it's time to get back on some apps. Also, on Tuesday, February 1, Juno, an asteroid associated with long-term relationships and marriage, enters Aquarius. This transit helps pull the trigger to speak your truth in matters of love. Doing so becomes even easier when Mercury goes direct on Thursday, February 3. And frankly, charismatic Sag, you're such a catch that you deserve nothing less than exactly what you want. 

Continuing themes of communication, Valentine's Day sees you having important conversations, thanks to messenger Mercury entering Aquarius on Monday, February 14. So if you're talking about opening up a relationship, whether or not you want kids or even marriage, remember to listen to the person involved, Sagittarius. Yes, you're the life of the party, and your stories are funny enough to make you a stand-up comedian. But as a result of your talents, you tend to dominate conversations. So trust the stars — you'll have a better chance of getting what you want if you listen.

Also, around this time, on Thursday, February 17, a rare cosmic event occurs when your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, creates a sextile (a flirty aspect between two planets) with carefree Uranus. This transit is like a second dose of Valentine's Day; the stars sprinkle rose petals all over your love and sex life. So have morning sex while you can, Sagittarius because when creative Pisces season begins on Friday, January 18, you're going to be so busy and productive at work that planning date nights may have to take the backburner. Thankfully, you tend to not only enjoy your work but excel at it. So remember, Sag, listen to others, and see you in March! 

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